Pricing & Policies


Products Retail
Housemade  Soups 5 varieties $3.50 $2.10 $1.40 (40%)
Housemade Pasta Entrees 5 varieties $5.50 $3.30 $2.20 (40%)
Gourmet Biscotti (1 dozen) 5 varieties $7.00 $4.20 $2.80 (40%)
Cannoli Desserts 3-Pack $7.00 $4.20 $2.80 (40%)
Nut Rolls (Kolache) $15.00 $10.50 $4.50 (30%)
Baklava (1 dozen) $10.00 $7.00 $3.00 (30%)


Features & Policies:

  • All products made locally and sold only through fund-raising programs.
  • Products are unique, high quality, good value and easy to sell.
  • Usual sale period is two to three weeks – plus 10 days order lead time for delivery.
  • Standard delivery is Monday thru Thursday, 11:00am to 5:30 pm.  Friday or Saturday delivery may be available depending on date and location.
  • Free color order forms and pre-printed labels with key dates & times.
  • Free Excel spreadsheet to consolidate orders.
  • Our driver will arrive at your location at the scheduled time or earlier.  Our driver will line up product for easy sorting.
  • Product labels are color keyed to order forms for easy sorting & distribution.
  • Minimum order or small delivery fee may apply – depending on your delivery requirements (see below).
  • Seller incentive – free package of Cannoli for each $100 of individual sales.
  • Payment is due on delivery.  One check payable to Tambellini Gourmet Foods & Fundraising.  Customer or seller checks are not acceptable.
  • Tambellini’s reserves the right to decline sales or modify terms for certain delivery locations or exceptionally small orders.  All sales must be scheduled and approved by Tambellini’s.

Minimum orders/delivery fees:  All minimums and fees are set on a case by case basis.  Most are waived if we can deliver more than one order to the same general area that day.  Most groups average over $100 in sales  per participant (15 sellers = $1,500 sales = $600 profit).

  • Zone 1   Less than 50 miles from Brackenridge*
    $750 minimum retail for free delivery (else $25 fee)
  • Zone 2   50 to 79 miles from Brackenridge*
    $1500 minimum retail for free delivery (else $50 fee)

Exceptions can be made if your group can take delivery late morning or early afternoon – or you have a flexible delivery date or time.  In some cases, small orders can be picked up at our office location in Brackenridge.

Free Order forms.  We are happy to provide as many of our color order forms as you need for a successful sale.  However, extremely low participation may be an issue with some groups.  We expect that your sale retail should be at least $1,000 for each 100 forms provided. Otherwise, cost of the printed color form is $0.20 each. Unused forms may be returned to us or given to our driver. We will also provide PDF files of the order forms so they can be distributed electronically.

Above pricing and terms effective January 1, 2019

Please direct all inquiries to:

      • Tambellini Gourmet Foods & Fundraising, 902 Brackenridge Ave, Brackenridge, PA 15014
      • 724-337-1680 – fax 724-337-6428 –