Recent Feedback

Comments from our clients (responding to followup after the delivery):

4/4/17 Hi Kimberly, We were extremely pleased. The courtesy of the men delivering and arranging everything was great! I did overlook one family that sold over $100. I gave them the complimentary cannolis you sent for my staff. We will certainly consider selling your products sometime in the future. Andrea

3/27/17 Hello, As always, everything was great!!! Thank you so much! Michelle (Mt. Lebanon German Club)

3/27/17 Everything was wonderful! Delivery was smooth. Always great to deal with you! Erinn (South Park Boy’s Soccer)

3/23/17 Kim, Everything was perfect! Thanks so much for all your work! Will definitely recommend you to family and friends! Betsy (Chartiers Houston Girls Volleyball)

3/15/17 Kimberly, Everything was perfect. I will be in touch soon for next dance season’s fundraiser. Thanks again!!! Jaclyn (A Step Above Dance Academy)

3/15/17 Yes, very, thank you. I’ll be in touch in the early fall to set another one up. Matt (Deer Lake Choir)

3/8/17 Yes. Everything went well. Delivery was quick and organized. I am hoping to do another fundraiser for next season. Thanks for everything. ‚ÄďJen (East Allegheny Music)

3/3/17 Everything was great! I am sure you will be hearing from us next year, although I will no longer be the fundraising chair. My daughter is a Senior next year and I want to sit back and enjoy all that is Senior Year! I have left wonderful notes and you will be hearing from the new fundraising chair. Thanks again! Samantha (Keystone Oaks Band)

2/27/17 Hello Kimberly, Thank you so much for checking in. It was really a wonderful experience. Your driver was so well organized and really made everything so easy for us. Everyone has been really happy with their purchases. Thank you for helping us get one step closer to our Walk goals! Shannon (CLASS)

2/24/17 Yes everything was great! Thanks so much. Have a great day, Selena (Fawn Elementary)

2/22/17 Good morning Kim, Absolutely!! Everything went really well. I love your fundraiser. It’s so organized!!! It is always a pleasure doing business with you. I sent the check out by the way on Thursday. Please let me know when you get it. Thank you again Kim. Please tell Dennis it was a success. Sincerely, Colleen (St. Bartholomew)

2/16/17 Kimberly, We are more than happy with everything provided by Tambellini’s! Everything was received just as ordered, but somehow one person took everything home and is short a few items. Personally, I got to try the broccoli soup and it was very good!! I am busy collecting money from people who still need to pay me, but other than that we are all good! Thank you so much for all your help. I plan to recommend this fundraiser to future classes. Kind regards, Nate (St. Joe’s Junior Class)

2/7/17 Everything went well — I had made a typo on my own order, but that was my fault! Thanks! Beth (North Catholic Drama)

2/2/17 Hi Kim, Yes, everything was great. Thanks, Borelli’s Dance Gallery

2/1/17 Yes! Everything was great! Thank you so much! Allison (Westmoreland Highlanders)

2/1/17 Good Morning, As far as I know, there were no issues with the product and the delivery went very smooth as usual. Thanks for asking. Bill (Steel Valley History Club)

12/22/16 Yes, everything was great, as usual ūüôā I did have quite a few comments about people missing the wedding soup, but that‚Äôs not your fault. Thanks for checking in! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Kim (Studio G Dance Center)

12/22/16 Everything went well and great!!!! Thank you, Michelle (Beaver County Emeralds)

12/21/16 Yes everything was great! Thanks. Kim (Riverside PTO)

11/28/16 Everything went smooth. I had no complaints. Enjoy the holiday’s. Laurette (Technique by Toni)

11/23/16 Every thing was great! No complaints! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Shari (St. Marys Parish)

11/22/16 Just wanted to say thank you for working with us here at Avalon. I have had many people comment how wonderful all the products are. I, personally, am enjoying the biscotti! Perfect! Thank you again! Jen (Avalon Elementary – 6th Grade Trip)

11/9/16 Hello, Thanks you for checking with us. Yes everything was fine. Also, the delivery man was lovely. Thank you. Lisa (Kiski Area Choir)

11/1/16 Everything was GREAT! Thank you for another great fundraising opportunity! Samantha (Keystone Oaks Band)

10/31/16 Kim, Everything was perfect! Thank you so much for your help with our fundraiser. I look forward to working with you again. Jolene (Laura Lynn School of Dance)

10/31/16 Yes, thank you. Everything went great! Heather (Perfect 10 Gymnastics)

10/25/16 Yes, very satisfied. Everyone loved the product. I even had a student ask if you had a “store” so they could order additional food. I directed her to your webpage.
I’m sure we’ll contact you for another sale in 2017. Thanks, Matt (Deer Lakes Choir)

10/25/16 Yes! Everything was wonderful! Thank you so much! We’ll definitely be doing another one in the spring. Heather (A.W. Beattie Career Center)

10/24/16 Absoultely as usual!! Products are great and quick and easy to use. Makes great meals for college kids!! Parents loved them. We had some new families purchase which is always a good thing!! Thanks, Michele (Serra Catholic Band)

10/12/16 Yes, we were very happy with the products and delivery (as usual). Thank you so much for the quality product and helpful pleasant staff to work with – I really appreciate that aspect of Tambellini’s! Annette (Steel Valley Band)

3/10/16 Good Evening! Jeanne, everything went very well with our delivery! I know this year was not as successful as last year’s, but we hope next year will pick up again. And the driver who delivered our product was so sweet. Thanks for all your help! Susie (North Hills Marching Band)

2/4/16 Good morning Jeanne, The delivery went just fine yesterday afternoon. Thanks for switching to my house – it made it a lot easier for me. Annette (Steel Valley Marching Band)

12/5/15 Hi Jeanne! Everything went perfectly! All families were incredibly happy with their purchases!! Happy Holidays to you, Denny and your families!! Sarah (DePaul School)

12/4/15 Hi Jeanne. Everything was great as usual. People always ask for your soups, pastas and desserts and are happy to receive them. Your kindness and helpfulness during our sale and placing our order was much appreciated. Your driver sets everything out so products are in the same order as the tally sheet which makes sorting into individual purchases very easy. He verifies completeness of our order and even changes cracked lids. He is always pleasant and on time. Joyce. (Baldwin Band)

12/4/15 Hi Jeanne, Everything was great as always! We appreciate you!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Michele (Penn Hills Band).

12/4/15 Hi Jeanne: Yes- as always very happy with delivery and with the products. Always hear positive things from my sellers and their customers. Looking forward to the next sale. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!! Kim. (Studio G Dance)

11/17/15 Hi Jeanne, We were happy with the entire process.  Thanks again for everything.  Sincerely, Renee (Kiski band).

11/14/15 Good evening. Everything went well with the sale and everyone was happy with the products. Thank you, Sandy (Clairton band)

11/12/15 Hi  Jeanne.  We had great responses from everyone who sold the product, their customers were very very happy. Everything with delivery went very smoothly. Janet (Ringgold Soccer)

11/12/15 Hi Jeanne, Yes, we were absolutely happy with the product!¬† We may be interested in doing another sale after the holidays but I’m not certain of that.¬† I will let you know. Have a wonderful holiday season! Annette (Steel Valley Band)

11/12/15 My office loved the apricot and nut rolls!  I must order them next time.  Everything else was good.  All the items were there, your driver did a great job sorting and everyone was good to go!  Samantha (Keystone Oaks Band)

11/12/15 We were very satisfied, and hope to do another fundraiser with your company after the new year. Matt (Deer Lakes Choir)

11/12/15 Hi Jeanne, Yes everything went great! We had that one problem with a few lids being cracked but you guys took care of the problem right away. Great customer service !!! Thanks for all of your help! Jen (Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament school)

11/12/15 Yes, everything was great. No complaints!!!  Jocelyn (Center Elementary Р6th grade trip)

—— 2015 SUMMER BREAK ——-

4/6/15 Hi Jeanne, Everything was great, as usual!!!  Thank you so much for getting that sale so quick.  I really appreciated it.  Thanks.  See you next year!!! Sincerely, Colleen. (St. Bartholomew)

4/4/15 Hi Jeanne!¬† Sorry it’s taken so long for my response, but everything was great!¬† We had no problems. Thanks, Jen (Canonsburg Middle Band)

4/1/15 Loved it ! Easy ordering , easy delivery and families loved the products . Thank you and looking forward to setting up one for next school year! Laurie. (Allegheny Traditional Academy)

4/1/15 Hi Jeanne: Yes, most definitely – happy with delivery and everyone was pleased, as usual ūüôā¬†¬† Thank you and looking forward to our sale in the fall! ¬†Kim (Studio G dance)

4/1/15 Jeanne…Yes! Delivery was smooth and everything was perfect. Thanks for the follow-up! Kristin (Laura Lynn Dance)

4/1/15 (from Lynn) Everything was great. There was a miscount on the pastas…one too many of one and short one on another. But I had both on my personal order so it was easily fixed. And that’s the best cannoli I’ve ever had! I wish I’d ordered more! Thanks! ¬†Lynn (Adlai Stevenson 6th grade trip)

3/31/15 Morning Jeanne, Everything with the Tambellini Sale was great.¬† I know the weather didn’t cooperate with us, darn snow, but truly appreciated all the help we had.¬† Heard one of our top sellers explain how his fellow workers couldn’t wait to get their hands on the soups.¬† Thanks again for everything!! Susie (North Hills band – IPA)

3/30/15 Hi Jeanne, Everything went great with our delivery and products. Thanks so much. Cathy (Happy Face Daycare)

3/30/15 ¬†Hi Jeanne, The order was good!¬† Everything was delivered as it was supposed to be and I didn’t get any negative feedback.¬† Everything seemed great. Thanks! Debbie (Golden Triangles Performance Ensemble)

3/30/15 Jeanne, Everything was wonderful!!! Thank You! ¬†Tina (Betsy’s Dance Center)

3/30/15 Yes, everything was great. Your company is always very flexible with delivery dates and times and that really helps! Tavis.  (Cornell Bio/Chem club)

3/30/15 Hi Jeanne, All went well. Lots of happy costumers. Thanks again! We will be contacting you for next year’s GPA fundraiser! Hilary (Monessen  Group  for the Performing Arts)

3/30/15 Everything went great.¬† Your delivery¬† person was wonderful. ¬†Thank you and I’m sure we will do another sale in the fall. Cheryl (South Park band)

3/27/15 Everything was fantastic from start to finish! Thank you, Carey (B G Gymnastics)

3/27/15 Hi, Jeanne!¬† We are always very happy with the service and product!!¬† Thank you very much for all of your help!¬† It’s my favorite fundraiser of the year!!! ¬†Jennifer (Carpelz Center for the Performing Arts)

3/28/15 Everything was great!!!  Thanks for doing the Fundraiser for us! We would like to do it again next year also!   Stacie (Mon-Yough Catholic)

2/9/15 Thank you Denny.  You and your staff made everything so easy.  Delivery was so organized.  Everyone was happy.  We will probably have the fundraiser for FR Band around the same time next year, in late January.  Mary (Franklin Regional band)

12/21/14 Hey Denny, As always, delivery and sorting went smoothly.  Products were great as usual and I think our new band members were impressed with the quality.  Thanks again and Happy Holidays!!!!!  Michele (Serra Catholic band)

11/8/14 Yes – very satisfied – Element loves Tambellini – thanks for the great experience! Gina (Element Cheerleading)

11/6/14 Thanks Denny Рeverything was great!   Ginger (Kiski Band)

10/27/14 ¬†Hi Denny.¬† Everything went great with our delivery. I did not receive any complaints about your products. I’ve only heard good reviews. ¬†Thanks, Kim (Stewartsville Elementary)

10/24/14 Everything went very well. Thank you for checking in.   Cheryl (South Park band)

10/24/14 Thanks Denny. Everything went well. Hoping to schedule another one for February! ūüôā ¬†Gina (GMK dance)

10/17/14 Thanks Denny! Everyone loves the product, great stuff! Thanks for everything. Erika (Cal U AST sorority)

10/1/14 Hi Denny,  Sale went well.    Invoice was mailed to the Treasurer on Tuesday. thank you  always a pleasure working with your organization.  Danielle (Shaler HS Band)

9/25/14 Hi there, Everything went great-until of course I got down the last order and I was 2 soups short. So now I’m trying to track them down & of course no one has them.¬† Everyone was very happy with their sales and products.¬† Thanks again.¬†Stacey (Perfection Cheer).

9/25/14 Hi. Everything went very well. Our parents look forward to this sale every year. I really appreciate your help.  Thank you,  Heather (Perfect 10 Gymnastics)

—— 2014 SUMMER BREAK ——-

1/6/14  Hi Denny,  Everything went fine, no complaints that I am aware of.   We will be in contact next year.  Bill (Steel Valley history club)

1/3/14  Hi Denny, Yes we were very pleased!!  Thank you, Gina (Element All Stars)

12/29/13 Thanks Denny…..I heard no complaints at all and enjoyed one of our meals that I bought for the family…..still have two more to go. ¬†Michele (Plum Music)

12/28/13  Everything went very smoothly, Denny. Thank you for the samples-my daughter loved the pasta, my son loved the soup and we all loved the biscotti. Could you contact me again for an Easter sale?  Thanks again.  Happy New Year,  Danita (Greensburg Salem band)  

12/4/13¬† Hi Denny,¬† I wasn’t able to make to the distribution but I was told everything went very smoothly!¬†¬† I only wish I had ordered way more potato soup for myself! ¬†Everything worked out perfectly and we raised SO MUCH more than I expected! ¬†Thanks for everything!¬†¬† Sarah (DePaul school)

11/30/13 We have been closed for the past few days so I have heard no feedback Р but no complaint either so that is good!!!  My brother loved the nutroll and I always love the apricot roll.  Happy Holidays!!!!  Peggy (Price dance)

11/30/13 Denny,  All was good. Thanks.  Diana (Tammy Lee dance)

11/15/13  Everything went very well.  Thank you very much! Kiera (Ford City HS)

11/8/13  I was very happy with everything on your end.  Everything was there and organized nicely by your employee. Thank you again.  Dolly (Avalon Elementary)

11/7/13  Everything was perfect.  No complaints on this end. Every one got their orders and all feedback was good.  Regina (B G Gymnastics)

11/4/13 Thank you for the great fundraising experience! The Baklava and nut roll were huge hits and had people asking about ordering for the holidays.  Jessica (Charleroi HS)

10/25/13 Denny, As usual, the fundraiser was a success.  Your whole program is so well organized so that everything runs smoothly! Thanks Рwe really appreciate it.  Jennifer (Kiski Area Band)

10/16/13 Hi Denny, Everything worked out great. No one seemed to be missing anything in their order. Thanks so much for working with us again this year! Gereese (Seneca Valley band)

10/16/13 Thanks Denny, Everything went well! Susan (Mt. Lebanon band)

10/11/16 Hi Denny.¬† Everything was great. We got the order sorted in no time at all. We found a couple more¬† broken lids, but they weren’t too bad. I was thinking next year maybe a few extra lids can be left just in case we need them.¬† The whole experience was so easy. I¬†really liked having the spread sheet from you. That really made things easy. I would say it was a great experience all around and so easy!¬† Thanks, Kim (Stewartsville Elementary)

10/9/13 Everything was great!  Everyone  has enjoyed there soups, pastas and baked goods.  No problems sorting or delivering. Your driver was on time, helpful and enjoyable to talk to. Looking forward to working with you next time. Thanks, Joanie (Belle Vernon Dance Team)